Area Information

ASTURIA, also known as Principality of Asturias, is an autonomous community located in the north coast of Spain. .

With a population of over one million people and a rich history dating back to pre-Roman times, Asturias prides itself in its lush natural landscapes, distinct cultural heritage and strong industrial sector.

The region’s economy is largely based on mining, steel production, and fishing but tourism plays an important role as well thanks to its magnificent beaches, dramatic mountains ranges and world-renowned gastronomy.


The Picos de Europa National Park offers an incredible opportunity to witness stunning views, alpine lakes and rare species of flora and fauna. The pristine beaches of Asturias are enhanced by their secluded locations while the dozens of rural villages dotting the countryside offer a chance to experience traditional culture in this region.

This area is well-known for its unique gastronomy – one which focuses on fresh seafood caught locally coupled with traditional cider and delicious dairy products. In conclusion, Asturias truly qualifies as a natural paradise due to its endless outdoor activities and breathtaking landscapes that leave any visitor yearning for more.

Those who visit Asturias can take advantage of hiking trails such as the Camino de Santiago or marvel at some UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as the Cave of Altamira.

As the birthplace of renowned figures like Woody Allen or Severo Ochoa, this charming land offers a unique perspective into Spanish culture that is not to be missed.